Preparing for your Arrival!

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                                       ONTARIO STATE OF EMERGENCY!                                     April 29, 2021

                                              STAY AT HOME ORDER!

We are busy preparing for everyone’s return. The people who have paid for extended seasonal can start camping April 30th. For all other campers your season begins May 7th. If you are unsure if you have paid for the extended please contact the office & we will be happy to look it up for you. Gate passes will not be activated until all paperwork is completed & your camping season begins. For most campers their season doesn’t begin until May 7th, until that time if it is essential for you to come to the property we insist that you check in at the office for contact tracing purposes & limit your stay to a maximum of 1 hour. We must limit the number of people on the property or we will be closed down! NO VISITORS! NO GATHERINGS of any kind!

Most Ontario campgrounds are staying closed until the stay at home order hopefully ends on May 20th. We understand that getting outdoors, fresh air & some exercise is very important to both our physical & mental health. As an essential service we, as a business, are allowed to be open & we are doing everything we can to provide this much needed opportunity to our customers. However the province is still under a stay at home order. You are only to leave your house for essential reasons. We are asking that everyone honours the stay at home order as much as possible for the safety of yourselves & your loved ones.

For those of you lucky enough to have left the country for warmer climates & are just returning you will have to follow attached government regulated quarantine protocols & all Leisure Time rules. Please remember you are  quarantining to your campsite, not the campground. If you cannot follow these rules please do not come. You must be self sufficient, Leisure Time staff will not be permitted onto your campsite. In case of an emergency dial 911. It is your responsibility to make arrangements to have anything you may need, groceries etc. brought to you. The people bringing you supplies are there for only that reason, this is not a visit, no visitors are allowed for any camper at this time. The people bringing you supplies must make an appointment with the office ahead of time, fill out the appropriate waivers, drop off the supplies & leave. If they enter your trailer, according to government restrictions they must then quarantine with you. We cannot allow this situation to occur! 

Septic dumping service never begins after the short first weekend. Septic dumping for everyone who has signed up begins the week of May 10th. That first week it may take several days to complete so please do not fill tank expecting us to show up Monday to empty. Emergency dumping of your tank is not always available but when we can it is $59.95. This is not a pleasant job & we do the best we can. There is always the option of your own personal Tote-N-Stor, also known as a “Honey Wagon”.

The washrooms & outhouses will not be open to start the season but will open when we safely can. I know some people will be very happy to hear that laundry rooms are considered essential & ours will be open to start the season. This year we are also allowed, after much discussion, to keep our playgrounds open. Fishing is permitted but please, as always, social distance & remember the 3 fish per site per day limit.
Electrical contractors have been in the last couple of weeks working on upgrading Leisure Time’s electrical service. In spite of our best efforts, due to parts issues etc., there is still more to do. There will be brief hydro interruptions over the next little while as we complete the upgrades. 

Nailing & screwing anything into our trees is creating a huge safety issue. Remember the rule has always been that you are not to attach anything to a tree. You are not only damaging the tree, you are creating a very dangerous situation of a chainsaw hitting metal imbedded in the tree, this is happening way too often. If anyone has ever had a chainsaw chain break & fly wildly off they will understand how dangerous this really is. Our arborist is now refusing to cut many of our trees due to this dangerous situation our campers have created. If you have mounted anything to a tree please remove it and all fasteners because over time the tree will grow around it & hide this real danger.

Covering a trailer with a tarp is only permitted as a temporary measure until sealants & repairs can be performed. We will no longer be allowing trailers to remain tarped for an extended period of time. Leisure Time & our campers take great pride in the appearance of the campground, these eyesore tarps are not fair to the neighbors. Over time tarps can also damage a trailer by rubbing & locking in moisture. If you have not already please make arrangements to repair your trailer & have these tarps removed.

Before you build anything or dig anywhere please check with the office. Better to ask before you invest time & money.  There are some structures that have suddenly appeared over the last couple of seasons that are not permitted. Campsites with these issues will be notified if changes or removal is required. If you are unsure of any of our rules please check with the office.

Leisure Time’s garbage bins are only for household waste that can fit in standard garbage bags. It is your responsibility to dispose of decks, furniture, mattresses, TVs, etc elsewhere. Our garbage & recycling area is protected by video surveillance. 

Firewood must be stacked in neat piles. No skids or any wood with bark are permitted to be brought into campground. This is a government regulation to protect our trees against the spread of disease.

Please remember Leisure Time’s ability to offer you this much needed get away depends on everyone being able to follow simple, safety measures & rules. The government can shut us down with little or no notice. We must limit the number of people on the property to people that are here for essential reasons only, no visitors, no gathering of any kind, no one is allowed on your campsite that is not part of your household & we must maintain records for contact tracing. If we fail to demonstrate these, plus many other simple safety measures, we will be shut down! If we become aware that people are not following either the government or Leisure Time’s rules, they will be asked to leave. We cannot allow the actions of a few to endanger our camper’s safety or our family business.

All necessary paperwork must be completed & submitted to or through the CampOn app. We also require the last 3 digits of your gate passes. Camp store will be open for limited spring hours. The Sales Office is open 7 days a week; Monday thru Saturday 9 to 5 & Sunday 11 to 3. We are limiting the number of people entering our office & store for the safety of everyone. Please only enter if necessary.

Thank you for your patience & understanding.
Stay Safe! Get vaccinated!
The Jay Family
You can download the Government of Canada Travel Protocols here: