UPDATE: Ontario Stay At Home Order April 2021

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On April 16th the Ontario government announced the state of emergency has been extended until Thursday May 20th.  They want everyone to stay at home! The only time you are to leave your home is for essential reasons. The fine for being out for non-essential reasons or congregating with people not from your household is $750. That is a substantial fine but the biggest reason to follow the government restrictions is for the safety of yourself & your loved ones.
As of today, current government restrictions should allow Leisure Time to open for campers with seasonal contracts. This is of course subject to change with little or no notice from various levels of government. Our ability to open is contingent on strong safety measures; we must limit the number of people on the property to people that are here for essential reasons only, no visitors, no gathering of any kind, no one is allowed on your campsite that is not part of your household & we must maintain records for contact tracing. 
If we fail to demonstrate these, plus many other simple safety measures, we will be shut down! If we become aware that people are not following either the government or Leisure Time’s rules, they will be asked to leave. We cannot allow the actions of a few to endanger our camper’s safety or our family business.
The doctors & government recognize that getting outdoors, fresh air & some exercise is very important to both our physical & mental health. We feel, and the government recognizes, that camping is very important to so many people. We are doing everything we can to provide this much needed opportunity to our customers. We continue to prepare to open on schedule, April 30th for people who have paid for extended seasonal & May 7th for regular seasonal campers.
As every year, we will have campers returning from out of province or country. They have to request special permission, following all government & Leisure Time safety restrictions, quarantining as applicable. 
All necessary paperwork must be completed & submitted to ruby@leisuretime.ca or through the CampOn app. We also require the last 3 digits of your gate passes. Starting Tuesday the Sales Office will be open 7 days a week; Monday thru Saturday 9 to 5 & Sunday 11 to 3.
Although the government recognizes that Leisure Time is essential & permitted to open they are requesting everyone to stay at home except for essential reasons. 
Please honour this for everyone’s safety; only come to your trailer if it is essential, check in at Sales Office, stay a maximum of 1 hour, no gathering & no visitors! 
We will continue to update you as we can.  We are all looking forward to a much needed summer.
Thank you for your patience & understanding.
Stay Safe! Get vaccinated!
The Jay Family