August News Letter - 2022 Will Mark Our 55th Year

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We would like to thank everyone for their patience & understanding again this year. This once in a lifetime world pandemic has lasted 2 camping seasons. It has been a very difficult, unprecedented, time for everyone, hopefully not to be repeated. Together, Leisure Time campers have managed to stay safe, relax & have some fun. We hope & pray for a more “normal” camping season next year.

Last weekend it was great to hear “BINGO” being called out. Mother Nature did not cooperate so we had to move our outdoor bingo indoors, limiting the number of people to 20. The players stayed dry and had allot of fun, it was great to see! This weekend we have planned; washer toss, horseshoes, family beach volleyball & a family bingo. Hopefully Mother Nature is nicer to us this weekend, as much as the campers may want to, we cannot move the horseshoes or beach volleyball indoors. The adult lounge dart league started up again last weekend, unfortunately the number of players had to be limited to 16 players. This weekend we are getting our 3rd delivery of 75+ Rainbow Trout. We were very lucky to get a great new fish supplier last year that has been keeping us stocked with big tasty fish. Please remember there is a limit of 3 fish per site per day limit. We want everyone to have the thrill of catching a fish. I have heard countless times that people caught their first fish at Leisure Time. This is an experience that people will always remember, only the size of the fish they caught may change over time.  

The weekend of August 7th is looking like it’s going to be allot of fun, featuring what we hope will be an annual event, the Leisure Time Olympic Games. It is going to involve smaller groups going from event to event at different locations around the campground, details to follow. The Leisure Time social schedule is starting to fill up but we are still looking for & very willing to try suggestions for social events that we can do safely & meet the Provincial & Peel Health regulations. Please download the CampOn app to keep up to date on all that is going on.

Through the hard work of Ryan’s lifeguards & Barb’s store staff the pool has remained a very safe retreat for many of our campers. Through discussions with Peel Health we were able to safely increase the number of swimmers allowed per session to 15. In a 60’ x 20’ pool it is still very easy to socially distance. This year we have experienced amazing growing weather. This has kept Rod’s maintenance staff & the arborists very busy. The campground looks great but there is always more work to be done. We have also kept contractors busy with putting a new roof on the lower washroom & major upgrades to our hydro, septic & water systems. The work never ends. This year we added to our 1 year old playgrounds the Leisure Time Pumper fire truck. When I saw it I knew I had to have it.    

Since our inception Leisure Time has played a big part in many, many people’s lives. This year all of the Leisure Time staff deserves a huge thank you for having to work harder under very difficult circumstances. We have done everything we can to make everyone feel as safe as possible, both staff & customers. Leisure Time continues to create lasting memories; it is something we are very proud of. 

We thank you for your continued support.  






Driving Speed limit is 10 km/hr for the safety of everyone. Impaired driving of any type or driving without a valid license is the same on private property as it is on the highway, it will not be tolerated!
It only takes a second to change yours and someone else’s life. 


Respect for fellow campers For everyone's enjoyment we ask that you treat your fellow campers the way you would like to be treated. You may want to sit around the fire late one night but the next night you may want to go to sleep. Please don’t wait until you have to be told to please turn off all music & only talk in low voices by 11pm or put out your fire by 1am. If you have to be told you have probably already disturbed your neighbors.


Trailer sealants should be checked often. This is considered regular maintenance that everyone should be performing. Please protect your investment! We do not have enough technicians to check everyone’s trailer but we will be happy to offer guidance. Our technicians are working very hard to help as many as possible. 


Gate passes are for registered campers only, anyone not registered on the property is considered trespassing.

You are responsible for everyone on your campsite. 


Call first Please call before you build or dig, saves time & money. Gazebos are only permitted with soft tops. The roof must be removed at the end of the season. The largest factory built sheds permitted are 8’ x 8’, no home made.


LP tanks For the safety of everyone, campsites are only permitted to have the 2 LP tanks mounted on the trailer, 1 LP tank mounted on a BBQ & 1 spare LP tank. Leisure Time also limits the maximum size of these tanks to 40 lbs.  


Mail & Deliveries As a campground resort you cannot receive mail or Amazon deliveries. Please sign up for ebilling for internet etc.


Garbage The garbage bins are for bagged household garbage only. The Region of Peel will either fine or refuse to pick up anything other than household bagged garbage. We cannot dispose of your other garbage or bigger items. If you put items beside the bins we will look at the video & ask you to remove them. 


Poop & Scoop is mandatory. Please pick up your pet’s messes but do not put the waste in the washroom, laundry room or store garbage bins. Please deposit it in garbage bins by exit gate. Be respectful of others. 


Bike helmets Children wearing helmets when riding their bike is not just a camp rule, it’s the law. Keep the children safe.


15 Year Rule Trailers that are over 15 years cannot be sold to stay on site. If a trailer is 12’ wide (not including slides) it becomes a 20 year rule.


Visitors Each campsite is permitted up to 6 visitors /campsite /day. Everyone who enters Leisure Time must sign required waivers. Please sign these before arriving. These waivers are available on our website or on our mobile CampOn app. Visitors must arrive, register & pay between 9am to 7pm Friday & Saturday and between 9am to 5pm Sunday through Thursday. No entry of visitors will be permitted outside these hours. All day visitors must leave the campground by 11pm. If any visitor or camper gives our staff a hard time in any way they will be asked to leave. If anyone tries to use their gate pass to sneak someone in, both camper & attempted visitor will be asked to leave. 




Alcohol, smoking & cannabis Our rules have always included what we think are common sense restrictions on the drinking of alcohol & smoking cigarettes. Drinking is allowed on your campsites & at designated events only. Smoking & vaping are restricted by the Province of Ontario to not within 9 metres of an entrance or exit of a public building or area, including our pool.  With the legalization of cannabis we have had to add the rule that smoking cannabis is only permitted on your campsite. We want you to be able to enjoy these activities responsibly without affecting your fellow campers. In the event that consumption or smoking results in a nuisance complaint these activities may be further restricted at the sole discretion of management. 

Recreation hall will be open for up to 20 people only during store open hours. As we will be limiting the number permitted in the building we will also be limiting the length of stay to 2 hours be courteous to others. Not all of the recreation hall will be open but you will be able to play darts, foosball, ping pong, bring you own board games or electronic devices. As per government safety restrictions masks must be worn when inside any public building.   

Adult lounge will be available to reserve for up to 16 people. Please contact office for details & to reserve a time. As per government safety restrictions masks must be worn when inside any public building. If you are on the back deck you will have to wear a mask if you cannot maintain a social distance from people not of your household.  

Office & Camp Store For safety we are still restricting access to the Sales Office & Camp Store. You must also wear a mask if you are to enter any Leisure Time building or anytime you cannot maintain the 2 metre social distance anywhere on the property. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Sales Office, & not the Camp Store. As well, please do not stop staff around campground for such. Sales Office is open Monday through Saturday 9am to 5pm, Sunday 11am to 3pm. Camp Store is open Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday 9am to 6pm, Friday & Saturday 9am to 9pm. Camp Store is currently closed Monday & Tuesday, during these days please go to Sales Office. As with everything these days, everything is subject to change without notice.

Questions If you have any questions please refer to our campground rules that can be found in your Welcome to Leisure Time handout or stop by the office, Elaine & Andy are a great help to Ruby & I & a wealth of knowledge.  Rules are subject to change without notice. Please respect & follow the rules, asking if you have any questions. They are common sense & there for every ones benefit. 

Winterizing If you are signing up for us to winterize your trailer please make sure it is ready for the technicians. Make sure we have keys & do not block their path to perform their task, they can access the back of your water heater, the water pump, sinks & tub. Do not cover your trailer or put the slides in until after the trailer is winterized. If you are finished camping early please let us know & we will try to winterize you early, beat the rush & the cold.

Significant snow seems to fall before the end of October almost every year now. We will keep the water running on as long as we can, weather permitting, for the extended seasonal campers. Hydro will be shut off as soon as the camping season ends as we continue maintenance projects.

Fall letter, campsite renewals & hydro invoices are not mailed or emailed. Please pick them up at camp store. You must pay all outstanding invoices before you can renew your campsite.

All rules are subject to change. If we do not feel people are being responsible & safe we will change the rules on the side of safety. SAFETY IS THE TOP PRIORITY!

Thank you for your patience & understanding.


DATES TO REMEMBER: Every year we provide this information early so that you can make your plans to suit. It is always the same timing in terms of the total number of days we are open. The actual dates simply follow the calendar, for example last Friday in April, first Friday in May, Thanksgiving Monday or last Sunday in October. Please stick to these exact dates as listed.


            Sat.  Sept. 4th. 2021             Seasonal deposits due by 4pm

            Mon. Oct. 11th. 2021            Regular season ends

            Tues. Oct. 12th. 2021          Winterizing begins    

            Sun. Oct. 31st.   2021            Campground closed, extended season ends

            Wed. Apr. 15th, 2022            2022 final payment cheques deposited

            Fri. Apr 29th. 2022                    Extended season begins

            Fri. May 6th.  2022                    Regular season begins    


2022 RENEWALS: Except for a few sites that we will reserve for large new trailers, our seasonal sites will be full.  To reserve your lot for the 2022 season your deposit must be received not later than 

4pm Sat. Sept. 4th. Sites, which have not been reserved by that date, will be offered to people wishing to change sites or on our waiting list. 


Your 2022 site fees, based upon your 2021 requirements are attached. Please check it over carefully and let us know if you require any changes. If you are not renewing your site or an extra adult registered to your site their gate pass must be returned by the end of your season in order to receive a refund. If the gate pass is not returned on time it will be de-activated & there will be no further refund. 



Once again we offer discounts to our repeat customers. Government regulations state that discounts, or late payment charges, cannot affect the amount of tax to be collected. The tax remains the same regardless of which payment method is used. 


PLAN #1:    Pay in full for the 2022 season by 4pm Sept. 4th. and deduct $160.00 from the after tax balance figure.  


PLAN #2:    Pay in 4 installments by cheques dated Sept. 4th, Nov. 1st, 2021 and Feb. 1st. 2022 each in the amount of $850.00 or greater plus a cheque for the balance dated Apr. 15th. 2022 and deduct $80.00 from the after tax balance figure.  


PLAN #3:     Pay a minimum of $850.00 or greater by 4pm Sept 4th. & a post dated cheque for the balance dated Apr. 15th. 2022 and Deduct $50.00 from the after tax balance figure.


Deposits are not refundable, however if your trailer sells before Oct. 15th. a partial refund may be available. 


All cheques including post dated must be presented on or before 4pm Sat. Sept 4th.and deposited according to the required dates to qualify for discounts. Discounts are cancelled if payments are not made on time. Site fees are due in full by April 15, 2022. Any balance not paid is subject to 2% interest & additional 2% net 15 days thereafter. 

Payments can be made by Debit, cheque or etransfer to
*Credit cards or cash are NOT accepted for seasonal payments.   


The office will be very busy on Sept 4th. beat the rush & visit the office in the coming weeks prior. 

Please do not wait until the last minute to renew. Avoid the last minute line ups, you can post date your cheques. Remember to bring your driver’s license & proof of trailer insurance. 

All forms must be completed before entering office. We are still maintaining social distancing & limiting the number of people in the office at a time. 



2022 Renewal checklist

  • A new License of Occupation forms must be filled out before coming to the office


  • This forms must be filled out every year at renewal even if the information is the same. 


  • A copy of your driver’s license required every time you renew.
  • Please fill out form with your insurance information & updated date coverage.
  • Payments Due by 4pm Saturday Sept. 4th.
  • All cheques including post dated must be presented by 

Sept 4TH., 2021 and deposited according to the required dates to qualify for discounts.

  • Discounts are cancelled if payments are not made on time.
  • All outstanding invoices (hydro, work orders etc.) must be paid before renewing.
  • NO Credit Card or Cash! Debit, Cheque, or Etransfer to