Challenge Yourself

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March 11th marks the one year anniversary of officially being in a global pandemic due to Covid-19.  With it, we all had to adapt and do things differently.  We all had different coping mechanisms.  

Some of us got in tune with our creative side while others took the opportunity to learn to cook, or sew, or play an instrument.  

One common refrain I have heard from people was they were bored.  They were sick of being stuck in their house.  They were tired of not being able to do anything.  “Covid fatigue”  was a very real thing through 2020 and so far into 2021.

In short, we needed to make the boring and mundane different.   Make it fun!

There is no limit to what our imagination can come up with. It just takes a little bit of thought.

In our house, aside from getting out and exploring nature more than we ever have before, we also have done theme nights.  One night, we even had an indoor beach party complete with ocean sounds, beach chairs and frozen drinks.


But that is no reason why you can’t apply the same principles to your time away from home.

Many of our guests seek refuge at Leisure Time year after year.  Last year specifically, was a getaway from the reality of Covid. We have been told that many of our guests can’t wait to come back again this year to escape as soon as it is safe to do so.

Challenge yourself.  Commit to trying new and different things. Maybe even a little out of your comfort zone.

Have you ever wanted to go fishing?  Have you ever wanted to go kayaking or canoeing?  Want to learn how to cook over an open fire? Hike more? Decorate your space based on a theme? All of this is possible while camping.  

Leisure Time Park isn’t just a place to get away to.  We are a place to experience and to make memories.  Those memories will last a lifetime and the only limit to what those memories will be is your own imagination!