Welcome Back, Stay at Home

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On Thursday, the Ontario government made an announcement, VERY LITTLE HAS CHANGED AT THIS TIME! They did announce a framework for the 3 phases of opening that are coming, they have not started yet. The timing for the start of the phases is based on the percentage of the population getting vaccinated & the infection numbers continuing to come down. The only real changes that come into effect tomorrow are that we can start allowing people to play tennis, basketball, beach volleyball & in our sports field. Social distancing rules still apply! If there is a chance you are going to be within 6’ you must wear a mask! We still have to limit the number of people on the property as much as possible, NO VISITORS! It will no longer be a government fine to gather in public spaces in groups of up to 5 but you will still have to maintain a social distance! You are still not permitted to go onto anyone else’s campsite!    

Ontario is still in a State of Emergency & under a Stay At Home Order. This is why we are still saying “Welcome Back, Stay At Home!” Leisure Time is considered an essential service & we are allowed to be open but the government is telling everyone to stay at home unless it is for an essential reason, this is under the threat of fines. We are asking that everyone honours the stay at home order as much as possible for the safety of yourselves & your loved ones. 

I just got off a conference call with over 200 Ontario campground owners, most campgrounds are remaining closed until the stay at home order ends. Leisure Time continues to remain open for our seasonal campers. Please remember Leisure Time’s ability to offer you this much needed get away depend on everyone being able to follow simple, safety measures & rules. The government can shut us down with little or no notice. If you are showing any symptoms or you have been in contact with anyone who is showing symptoms please do not enter the campground, please stay at home! We must limit the number of people on the property to people that are here for essential reasons only, NO VISITORS, social bubbles are not a thing at this time, no one is allowed on your campsite that is not part of your household & we must maintain records for contact tracing. It is never acceptable to use your gate pass to let someone else in or to try & sneak someone onto the property. Our entrances & buildings are protected by video surveillance. If you cannot follow these rules please do not come. If we become aware that people are not following either the government or Leisure Time’s rules, they will be asked to leave. We cannot allow the actions of a few to endanger our camper’s safety or our family business. 

Thank you for your patience & understanding.
Stay Safe! Get vaccinated!
The Jay Family